My Bread and Butter KW

Providing you with delicious and easy-to-make healthy recipes has been my expertise due to being a wife to a Clinical Dietitian and a mom of two little picky eaters

Alce Nero AC849 Organic balsamic vinegar from Modena 250ml

1.250 KWD

Alce Nero BAR022SE Organic Sesame Seeds and Honey Bar 22 g

0.245 KWD

Alce Nero CA075 Organic GF Cacao Powder 75 g

0.790 KWD

Alce Nero CB100FA Organic GF White chocolate with Cacao nibs 100 g

1.350 KWD

Alce Nero CFA050 Organic dark chocolate with Acai berries 50g

1.050 KWD

Alce Nero CFS050 Organic dark chocolate with sea salt 50g

1.050 KWD

Alce Nero CL100 Organic GF Latte Milk Chocolate 100 g

1.150 KWD

Alce Nero CP130 Organic Double Concentrated Tomato paste 130g

0.790 KWD

Alce Nero CREM180 Organic Hazelnut and cocoa spread Ciokocrem 180 g

1.500 KWD

Alce Nero DA851 Organic GF Vegetable Bouillon Granules 120 g

1.290 KWD

Alce Nero FCF140 Organic Spelt Biscuit with dark chocolate bar 140 g

1.950 KWD

Alce Nero FR241 Organic Frollini Latte Milk Biscuit 250g

1.250 KWD