My Bread and Butter KW

Providing you with delicious and easy-to-make healthy recipes has been my expertise due to being a wife to a Clinical Dietitian and a mom of two little picky eaters

Alce Nero BAR022SE Organic Sesame Seeds and Honey Bar 22 g

0.350 KWD

Alce Nero FR241 Organic Frollini Latte Milk Biscuit 250 g

1.250 KWD 0.625 KWD

Alce Nero MI407 Organic Coriander Honey 400g

3.500 KWD

Alce Nero OL500IN Organic Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml

3.750 KWD

Alce Nero PF695 Organic Fusilli Farro Pasta 500g

1.250 KWD

Alce Nero PI614 Organic Fusilli whole wheat durum semolina Pasta 500g

0.790 KWD

BRM Artisan Bread Flour 3 LB

1.700 KWD

BRM Barley Pearl 30 OZ

1.500 KWD

BRM GF Almond Flour Blanched 16 Oz

4.500 KWD 3.600 KWD

BRM GF Organic Flaxseeds Golden 13 OZS

0.990 KWD

BRM Organic Chia Seeds New 12 Oz

2.950 KWD

BRM Organic Coconut Sugar 13 Oz

2.000 KWD