Dr. Manal Dashti

Dr. Manal Dashti (MSc., PhD) in Nutrition is a mother of three living in Kuwait graduated from the University of Glasgow, School of Medicine and practiced clinical nutrition since 2000 in Kuwaiti Hospital. She is specialized in Public Health Nutrition and published research articles of cohort studies and actively promoting healthy lifestyle.

Alce Nero AC849 Organic balsamic vinegar from Modena 250ml

1.250 KWD

Alce Nero RI451 Organic Brown Whole Rice 500g

1.250 KWD

Alce Nero RI453 Organic Arborio rice 500g

1.250 KWD

Alce Nero RI857 Organic Basmati Rice 500 g

1.500 KWD

Alce Nero RI861 Organic Black Rice NERONE 500g

1.490 KWD

Alce Nero ZU500 Organic Unrefined Raw Whole Brown Cane Sugar 500g

1.750 KWD

BRM Couscous Golden 24 OZS

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BRM GF 1-To-1 Baking Flour 44 OZS

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BRM GF All Purpose Baking Flour 22 OZS

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BRM GF Almond Flour Blanched 16 Oz

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BRM GF Corn Flour 22 Oz

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BRM GF Corn Grits/Polenta 24 OZS

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